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Aspenwing Bird and Animal Hospital

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Debby Schmidt, Manager
Rabbit Essentials - Supplies and Education
PO Box 2798
Loveland, CO 80539

Our Mission

  1. To care for domestic rabbits and find them suitable homes.
  2. To educate the public and local shelters regarding the standards of rabbit care to provide for rabbits’ heath, longevity, and happiness: we do this by offering information about rabbit care via-publications, phone consultations, emails, our web site, and classes.


  1. Every rabbit is worthy of a healthy happy life regardless of sex, age, health, breed status, or behavioral issues.
  2. Rabbits are healthier and happier if spayed/neutered, allowed to live in-doors as companions where their health and happiness can be more easily monitored, and treated for illnesses by qualified veterinarians (similarly to what many dogs and cats enjoy).
  3. Because domestic rabbits are a product of selective breeding and as a result are dependent on humans for their survival, humans therefore carry the responsibility of valuing the rabbits as worthy and for providing the highest quality of care available.
  4. A healthy level of care includes activities that keep the rabbit in the best physical and mental states. This includes adequate time to exercise in appropriate-sized protected areas with items that are mentally stimulating, such as toys, objects to jump up on, and activities that encourage rabbits to exercise their minds and bodies. Social interactions with other rabbits, people, or other animals are also important for good mental health.

We have no paid positions. All our dollars go to help support the rabbits including food, shelter, medical care and for educational materials.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

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