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We are no longer able to take in bunnies. If you need to rehome your bunny, please click here.

Rehoming Advice

Debby Schmidt

  1. Is he/she neutered? Neutered bunnies are much easier to place.

  2. No matter whom you let have your bunny, do a home visit. Make it mandatory! This will help weed out unwanted people.

  3. Wherever you advertise him, included the cutest picture of him you can get. Except for the newspaper may be too expensive.

  4. Make sure where you take them is their true residence. Check their driverís license. Good people will understand.

  5. Ask for an exotic vet reference. If they don't have one and you feel like they could be good candidates, have a few on hand to give them.

  6. Places to advertise. Craig's list. Yes, Craig's list. Many good people check Craig's list and get bunnies there. If you follow the above instructions, it should be safe. Newspapers. Exotic Vet office may let you post a small flyer in their office or may have a client they can refer to you.

  7. You can also charge a rehoming fee. Depending on circumstances, you can cancel it if you have a very good feeling about the person.

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