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Aspenwing Bird and Animal Hospital

Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematorium,

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We are no longer able to take in bunnies. If you need to rehome your bunny, please click here.

We educate rabbit owners, as well as, potential adopters so they know what to expect of rabbits and can determine whether they are suitable for their family. We offer written materials as well as classes to educate people about all aspects of rabbit care.

For questions about your rabbit contact:
Debby Schmidt at 970-690-0292 or
Christine Hass at 970-493-6965 or

We provide a loving healthy enviroment in which unwanted bunnies can live out the remainder of their lives in comfort. A stimulating and fun environment is provided for the bunnies enjoyment. Rabbits also receive medical treatments as needed for typical age related diseases, such as arthritis and dental care.

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