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We are no longer able to take in bunnies. If you need to rehome your bunny, please click here.

There are no longer any rabbits available from Rabbit Essentials. Please see below for other adoption resources and information.

While there are no more bunnies to adopt from Rabbit Essentials,
we have 5 senior bunnies that need extra care due to
health issues associated with ageing.

Their medical bills are mounting and donations for their care are needed.

Any amount you could donate would be greatly appreciated. As a non-profit organization, all donations to Rabbit Essentials are tax deductible. If you donate items, you are given a receipt for you to fill out and describe what you are donating and determine what the value of your donations are. If the IRS, thinks you are putting too much down in donations they may audit you.

An easy way to help is to utilize
iGive and Amazon Smile while doing your shopping online.

iGive is supported by many online shopping sites. Once installed, it will notify you when you are at a site that supports them and allow you to give.

Amazon Smile will notify you if what you are purchasing at their site is eligible for a donation if you shop through the Amazon Smile store site.
Once you are signed up, bookmark the Amazon Smile store and shop as usual. Notifications will appear either in the product description or above the "Add to Cart" button. It will not work if you just go to Amazon. You must shop through the Smile store.

iGive and Amazon Smile cost you nothing.
A portion of your purchase price is
donated by the seller to Rabbit Essentials.

Adoption Resources and Information

No matter where you get your bunny,
make sure the rabbit has already been spayed or neutered.

Adoption from a facility that provides bunnies already spayed/neutered can
save you around $300-$600 per rabbit!

Places which offer bunnies that might be already spayed/neutered:

Colorado House Rabbit Society.
A rescue organization who also offers tons of information for caring for your bunny, even offering a class. Not all places give the correct information.

Your local Humane Society:
Larimer County HS
Weld County HS
Longmont County HS
Boulder County HS

Denver Dumb Friends League

Other Resources

Don't Dump

House Rabbit Society